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Check MARK - Inspect to Protect 

Check MARK Professional Home Inspection Services covers your inspection needs at an affordable price. We offer everything from full home inspection services and 4-point inspections to specialty services such as pool/spa and irrigation system inspections. Call us today for an appointment or details

Professional Home Inspection Services

Check MARK

Who We Are


Check MARK Home Inspection Services (Check MARK) is a premier property inspection company, dedicated to providing our customers with peace-of-mind.  We understand that one of the most stressful times in your life is buying or selling a property.  Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, you need to know you’re getting the value for your dollar.

In addition to value, it's critical to know and understand the property you are buying or areas of concern of the property you are selling.  Are there impending problems with the structure, electrical components or perhaps the plumbing?  What about the foundation? These are just a few possibilities to consider out of a multitude.  These repairs could potentially cost you thousands of dollars if they are not identified prior to the purchase.

What We Do

Check MARK takes home inspections seriously.  In addition to the required licensure and certifications by the state of Texas, Check MARK has an eye for the smallest things that may be a problem at a later time.  


How We Help


Check MARK is committed to assisting you with your potential investment.  Property inspections are relatively inexpensive compared to your overall investment.  However, it can be the most critical component when making difficult decisions.  When we inspect our client’s property, we treat and analyze it as if it was our own personal property.  We consider every aspect of the property, beyond the state’s requirements, to ensure your safety and assurance in your potential investment.  We want you to feel just as comfortable and confident as we would, when purchasing a property.

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